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The Lockdown Waltz

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Quoting from my last blog post 'AND SO WE BEGIN!' I said that reaching the age of retirement was a privileged not a guarantee. I stand by that because all so often you hear about people sadly passing away at such young ages and way before their time. But today I experienced something that will honestly I think stay with me. I may be sounding a little over dramatic but I'll explain.

DISCLAIMER: Although I am now based in Liverpool, During this time I was staying in my family home for a number of weeks, living in their bubble - fully compliant with COVID government guidelines.

So I left my house today, camera in hand going for a walk. Ultimately to get my steps in! But I walked up onto the promenade in Rhyl and headed towards Kinmel Bay via the beach! I spent about an hour just wandering up and down taking pictures of... well anything that looked good! The sun was beginning to slowly set, there was no wind, no rain, just the sound of the sea. I was starting to get a little cold, I felt like I had got some decent photos and so I started heading back. For the route back, I used the coast path. I was walking down and to my left was the beach and the right, caravans, I know, very scenic! But I could hear music, classical ballroom music, which quite truthfully complimented the beach scene very well! The view of caravans ended and it opened up to a veranda to which stood an elderly couple. The lady dressed very elegantly with her white coat, matching gloves, scarf and ear muffs! The gentleman in his formal shoes and trousers, coat, gloves and an NY baseball cap! They had a Bluetooth speaker on the side playing classical ballroom music while they danced away. This must of been a routine they had practiced often, they were perfectly in sync! This view alone stopped me dead in my tracks. I stood for a few seconds admiring the elegance and class and was even greeted with a wave. I held up my camera and pointed at it signaling to take some photos and I was granted approval with a thumbs up from the lady's white mittens!

This is why I love photography, capturing moments, real moments! These two individuals (I can only assume) have lived through a world war, many decades and are now battling through a global pandemic that at the time of writing this has killed 1.39M people worldwide! But in this moment, they smile and they dance. Every step, every movement, perfectly in sync with each other. These two individuals each have a story to which I can only imagine is truly amazing! But in times that are hard, they smile and they dance!

To the Lockdown Dancing King and Queen! Thank you!

The environment paired with the music and this dancing duo made for an amazing memory! These are the memories I want to capture and share with the world. This is why I love photography!

During hard times, if there is something that makes you smile, something that makes you truly happy and that you can forget about the worry and the madness, do it! There's no time like the present!

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