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Not a Life Coach: Push Your Boundaries. Unlock Your Potential. Refine Your Life. by James Smith. If you've not already introduced this book into your life, do it now. Either listen to it on Audible or buy it from your favorite book retailer, but it is worth your time.

It's partly the reason I have this website and the reason I'm writing this blog post! One of the things he covered was people waiting until retirement to do the things they enjoy, visiting places, ticking things off their bucket list and much more! Everyone seems to always put these things off because it is not the right time. But when is the right time? I don't know about you but I'd rather do an 11 hour flight to Australia now at 23 then at 50. Imagine the back pain and the stiff knees!

The average age of retirement in the UK is 64.7 for men and 63.6 for women. To reach the age of retirement is a privilege not a guarantee. More now than ever.

One thing that I have always wanted to do and holds a valuable place on my 'bucket list' is to start and run my own business. Even when I have sat in the past and actually thought about it, the feeling is slightly overwhelming and usually followed by lots of questions and statements to myself. Where do I begin? What would I even do? I'm too young! Everything has already been done!... I suppose every thought about it has been trying to conjure together a new and creative idea for something! I'm not Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos nor would I want to be. Yes, the money would be great, but what I have come to realize is that money isn't everything. You could be the richest person in the world and not be happy!

Happiness is a big thing for me and something I want to incorporate massively into my business, to make people happy, to make them smile! If I can do that, my job is done!

So here I am... starting a Photography Business.

When you are in high school, roughly around year 10, you are taken into a room with a "career advisor"... usually your history teacher sat there with some college leaflets, telling you what they think you should and shouldn't do. I think this is where the education system fails young people. There needs to be a real employment drive, really working with these young people to find what's best suited for them but saying that I don't think anyone really knows what path they want to take at that age. But I don't think Mrs Jones the History Teacher is really the best qualified to help you make that decision, she has never left education. Primary School, Secondary School, College, University then back to school and will probably stay there until retirement. I am in no way putting Teachers down at their job as I believe they are underpaid and under appreciated, they play a crucial part in every child and young person's development.

I remember being sat there full of excitement and nerves telling the teacher sat across that I want to be a Photographer. I was told that It wouldn't be sustainable living and is very hard, I would have to be world best to get anywhere. Nevertheless I was given a college leaflet for Art and Design and sent packing. I learnt nothing about how or what. Just incorrectly signposted and left to my own accord. I'd spend hours looking at cameras in the Argos catalogue, obviously not the big boy DSLR's but the cheap plastic DSLR looking point and shoots, thinking of how I could conjure the money to get one.

I went to the college interview and was shown around, I was told it was a 2 year course and during that 2 years I would cover Photography for 2 weeks. Thanks but no thanks. I sat back in the car feeling lost and ultimately sulking because the deal with my mum was I could get a camera for college. So that's where the dream was born I suppose. I loved looking though old pictures in history, seeing time frozen, capturing memories that live on forever! That excited me.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine, using cheap digital cameras and early on camera phones to take pictures that I thought were amazing, getting new angles and trying to get different perspectives on shots even when I was young. I've attached some pictures a 14 year old me took in 2011 on a school trip to Paris.

You've got to admit... some good pictures there! If I could take these same pictures with my current camera and add a good edit, these would be really good pictures!

More recently I opened a photography page on Instagram - @snapsbydean

I was starting to take amazing pictures with my iPhone and wanted to show them off really, so made an Instagram and stared posting. That was a few months ago and now I have an active small community and over 450 followers. It was my goal to get 500 followers by the end of the year and that goal is looking very achievable. People like my pictures! Getting good comments and feedback from something I have captured sets a big smile on my face for sure! But I want to really give this a go. I want to capture moments, moments that will live on forever, moments that put a smile on the faces of people. That's my goal and there is absolutely no reason I cannot get to that point! So I bought a camera, now its time to build a portfolio and establish myself as a Photographer. This comes with a strange feeling, a feeling I have heard being explained as 'Imposter Syndrome'. This is something I am going to have to put aside, I am confident in my ability and boy am I willing to learn anything and everything I can. Something I can certainly say is when I commit to something it's always 100%.

If you have made it this far, thank you! I appreciate I went off on a tangent but it should make for some good reading! This is new and exciting for me and everyday will be a learning day, but I am willing to learn! Now It's time to start reaching out and getting my name heard.

Telling people about my idea, I have been greeted with full support! I hope because they believe I can do this too. I'd also like to give a special mention to my Girlfriend as she has been so helpful and supportive with all my ideas including this one! So thank you!

Let's see where this journey takes me, but it certainly starts here.

Dean Dean


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